After XVI, after Truth, Nina arrives in the Greater United Isles... (This is the fictional diary of Nina Oberon, Main Character of the XVI series)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Will it ever stop raining?

The snow was pretty, but this every-day-rain is mega-gloomy. Really, it's probably not that different from Chicago in early spring, but if I were there I'd have my friends to cheer me up. Okay, enough already, Neens. Quit wallowing in the self-pity. Mom used to tell me that I knew what to do to make myself feel better when I was in a funk. And, I do. I've been sketching some ideas for a few new paintings - that makes me feel good. And, I've been collecting images, printing them and making a scrapbook (Dr. Cunningham suggested I do it - it's something people did a lot in the 1900's.) I'm kind of turning into a history nut...

Joan makes me feel good, too. Betts has helped her so much. In just the few months we've been here, she's able to look most people in the eye and doesn't cringe when a guy looks at her. Especially that guy from Chippenham - Ciaran. He's real quiet and gentle. Yesterday Joan told me he's an herbalist. Mrs. Jenkins would love that! Someone who studies and grows herbs.

spiral garden

I wonder if anyone is taking care of her plants? Maybe Dee is - since she loved to help Mrs. Jenkins. It's so hard to think about all of them. I hope Mrs. Jenkins is safe wherever she is. Surely with Mr. Jenkins as the top media broadcaster she'll be able to come back home. How's Wei making out without her mother? And Chris... where is he?

Skivs! I hate not being able to communicate with anyone. But, the safety of everyone here - my dad, Layla, Dr. Cunningham - the whole village - and beyond... actually the Greater United Isles... damn... My problems are nothing compared to their safety. I'd hoped that exposing Lessig would've made for more change - but, I was wrong. It only makes me more determined to figure out a way to be sure that Mom and Pops's deaths will not have been in vain. Change can happen. I know it can! ...if only the Sisterhood were here...

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