After XVI, after Truth, Nina arrives in the Greater United Isles... (This is the fictional diary of Nina Oberon, Main Character of the XVI series)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

School here

is really different. There aren't any formal classes - we're grouped by ages, sort of. The "high school" is pretty much anywho who would be in grades 9 through 12 back in Chicago. So, there are kids younger than me - closer to Dee's age - and a few older ones. And, all of us in the upper school help the little kids in the primary grades. Since art is my favorite - and everyone thinks I'm good at it - I get to spend a lot of time with the kids helping with art. There's one girl, Brogan, she doesn't look like Dee - but she reminds me of her. Maybe it's the fact that she smiles all the time and that she loves to cook. I've kind of adopted her as my little sister - I mean... yeah... I miss Dee so much. I wonder how she's is doing with her cooking now that Chris isn't around. I'll get Dad to ask Mr. Jenkins the next time he communicates with him.

I remember Holiday dinner, when Dee made Gran's Green Tomato pie... Angie turned her nose up at it. Why did I think of her? I guess cause of that girl's pic I found that looked like her. Well - everyone else loved it! I'd give anything to have a piece of that pie right now... Maybe I can remember the ingredients and maybe Brogan and I can recreate it as a project for school? I'll ask her teacher today...

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