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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gran believed

there was a god. She even talked with me about this god that she called universal love. She said her god didn't need religion to exist - that her god existed "in spite of all the religions that claimed to have a direct line to its ever-present benevolence and divine being."

I didn't always understand the things she said.

We're studying religion in school. Well, we're reading about the Religion Wars and how religions were outlawed in all the countries that signed the treaty that ended the wars. (Which was pretty much every country in the world.) Apparently more people on our planet have been killed in the name of one religion or another than for any other reason. They actually killed people just because they didn't believe in the same religion.

Skivs! That seems crazy to me.

I liked hearing Gran talk about the god she believed in - the one that was love. If I needed a god, it would be one that didn't like killing for any reason.

But - that doesn't matter now, since there are no religions any more. I'm glad of that - really glad. Life's hard enough having to battle a government that wants to tell you how to think and feel and act.

I put a picture in my scrapbook that's a painting of a god from one religion that had lots of gods...

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