After XVI, after Truth, Nina arrives in the Greater United Isles... (This is the fictional diary of Nina Oberon, Main Character of the XVI series)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I've had enough...

of people pussy-footing around me, trying to be oh-so-careful in case they say something that will upset me. I mean, skivs! I've been through enough crap in my life so far... they think I can't deal with normal life things? This all has to do with my dad. No one wants to mention Ginnie - my mom. I guess cause they're afraid I'll be upset because of Layla. It's not like I don't know they're a couple. I mean, come on... I'm living in the same house with them.

I have to admit, if I hadn't been such a wreck, physically and emotionally, when I first got here - their attempts to, I dunno what? Break it to me gently? Shield me? Whatever. Anyway, if I'd been anything other than devastated by everything that got me to the GUI - it would've been funny. This was the scene a couple of days after I got here...

I couldn't resist the smell of coffee, even though I don't drink it, it signals breakfast. And, I was starving. I followed the aroma downstairs to the kitchen. Stocking-footed, I padded into the room unnoticed. Dad was running his fingers through Layla's hair, easing it back from her face. She gazed up at him, half-smiling, her arm easy around his waist. When he bent down to kiss her, he noticed me. Two people never untangled themselves so quickly!

"Nina!" Dad took a step towards me. "Are you all right? Your shoulder?"

Layla turned to the stove, her hair swung forward, hiding her expression. "I made pancakes and soy strips, if you're hungry." She busied herself filling a plate for me.

Well, if she comes upstairs this morning - like she often does - but doesn't knock to come in - I'm opening the door. I want to talk... I need to talk to her, whether she's ready or not. I know that you can love one person - but when you can't be with them, other feelings come up. I mean, look at me and Sal... and Chris.

Ah! I hear her... deep breath, Nina... ready?

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