After XVI, after Truth, Nina arrives in the Greater United Isles... (This is the fictional diary of Nina Oberon, Main Character of the XVI series)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Some nights

when I can't sleep I browse the information systems. I have to be careful what I search for... there's a whole list of keywords I can't use because they might bring unwanted attention our way. Same reason I can't have any communication with Wei, or anyone... You'd think I could at least contact Dorrie or Brie or Mag or... well, I can't think of any good reason to contact Paulette. Unless it would be to apologize for hating her.

That whole scene at the New Year's Eve party - she knew. Well, she didn't know that Lessig was as totally evil as he is, but she was trying to keep him away from me. And, I thought it was just that she couldn't stand me because of Sal. Anyway - I owe her, big time.

So, I was looking for someone who looks like Wei. I didn't find anyone last night - but I did find a girl that looks so much like her sister, Angie. I always thought it was weird that Angie didn't have a traditional Asian name, like Wei does. Then I found out that she changed her name from Anci to Angie, because she doesn't like her Asian heritage. I don't know why - I think it's fascinating. Oh well.. I went ahead and put the picture in my scrapbook, because it reminds me of home. The girl's an actress from the early 2000's named Hayley Kiyoko. Honestly, I think she looks nicer than Angie!

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