After XVI, after Truth, Nina arrives in the Greater United Isles... (This is the fictional diary of Nina Oberon, Main Character of the XVI series)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I thought there wouldn't be

any school. That seems so far from my life - like I grew up over night. Forget the XVI tattoo that declares legal adulthood to the Governing Council -- killing someone, uncovering the truth, losing everyone you love - yeah... that's what makes an adult. At least I damn sure feel like an adult.

But, there is school, and Dad insists that I attend, so I have no choice. Where am I going to go? The veljet disappeared shortly after Joan and I got here. And, I couldn't program it anyway. So, I'm stuck. At least it's beautiful here and fortunately, there are lots of art supplies, so I can keep busy with that.

I'm doing Cliste Galad like a cow wearing mittens. If anyone attacked me, I'd probably get away because they'd convulse with laughter at my feeble attempts to look fierce.

The library at the school not only has all the modern stuff, but there are books - tons and tons of books! Mom would be in heaven--- gah! Too hard to think about her. Back to the books, Nina. There are tons of them!

I've been reading about the ancient history of the the GUI - like hundreds of years ago - long before the Cliste Galad women. I'm sort of fascinated by Queen Boudicca right now. It makes me even more determined to get good at fighting. Maybe then I can go back to Chicago and see justice done... But, for now - Dad promised to take me to London and see the statue of Queen Boudicca near Westminster Pier. I wonder what London is like?

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